Creating a New Trading Partner

This page lists the steps for creating a Trading Partner. 

Steps to create an EDI Trading Partner activity:

  1. On the Develop tab, go to Solutions > B2B > Trading Partner.

  2. Click Create New.

  3. Enter the name and description of the trading partner in the Name and Description fields.
  4. Select a project from the Project drop-down list for which you want to create an EDI partner activity.
  5. To configure Partner ID, expand EDI Configuration.

    If you exchange Non EDI messages with this partner, you do not need to define EDI Configurations.

  6. Enter the partner group ID in the Partner ID field. This is a unique identifier for the partner.
  7. Enter the host id of your company in the Host ID field. This is a unique identifier for your company.

    The Partner ID and Host ID combination between the trading partners is unique.
    When any inbound EDI message is received, then EDI Accelerator searches for EDI Trading Partner activity, which has same Partner ID (GS02) and Host ID (GS03) as defined in the incoming EDI file. The EDI Trading Partner that has same GS02 and GS03 is used to parse that file.
    If any Trading partner with matching combination is not found in EDI ACCELERATOR, it gives an error "No corresponding EDI Trading partner found".

  8. Expand Inbound Group Control Number. All items under Inbound Group Control Number are displayed.
  9. Enter Last Used Interchange Control Number, Last Used Group Control Number and Last Used Transaction Control Number in their respective fields. These control numbers are used to validate the control number of the inbound EDI messages.
  10. Expand Outbound Group Control No. All items under Outbound Group Control No are displayed.
  11. Enter Last Used Interchange Control NumberLast Used Group Control Number and Last Used Transaction Control Number in their respective fields. These control numbers are used to generate the control numbers in the outbound EDI messages.

    Inbound and Outbound Group Control numbers are additional optional properties that you can configure, if you are exchanging EDI Data with this partner.

  12. Expand Contact Information. All items under Contact Information are displayed.
  13. Enter the Email ID and Phone Number of the trading partner in their respective fields.

    If any translation error occurs during EDI or non-EDI processing, a mail notification is sent to the email address specified in the Email field of trading partner. For more details about EDI notification, refer to Notification section of this user guide.

  14. Click Save button. This displays a screen confirming that the EDI Trading Partner activity has been created successfully.